Who We Are

The Smart Story (ST)

The name Transitions means to change from one thing to another.

Smart Transitions (ST) was founded to respond to challenges associated with moving from one phase of life or situation to another.

Our interventions are guided by Values and Principles that guide in facilating processes in ways that challenge perspectives and encourage beneficiaries to dig deep within themselves to create the change that they need.

In all the interventions that Smart Transitions does, it uses the Rights Based approach (RBA) to ensure no body is left behind.

We are known for:

        • Capacity Building
        • Awareness Raising
        • Skills Development
        • Lobbying and Advocacy

Our Core Values

We are guided by the following Core Values.

  • Intentional –  We are purposeful, deliberate, accountable and committed to excellence.
  • Resilience and Determination – We are dependable, accountable and are willing to take risks to change narratives.
  • Mutual Respect and Sensitivity – We value humanity and treat others with respect to access equal access to opportunities.
  • Hard work and Innovations – We value creativity and new innovate ideas to change the paradigm shift for our beneficiaries
  • We value growth and change and are willing to push through paradigms to help our beneficiaries
  • We are consistent and uncompromising with strong moral and ethical principles.
  • Critical Thinking and Analysis

We always strive to constantly explorer new perspectives through testing and experimenting with new ideas that embrace Social Justice.